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Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney and Former Prosecutor Patrick K. Hanly

Experience Counts When You’re Facing Serious Criminal Charges

The government prosecution machine is a powerful weapon. Even the mere allegation of wrongdoing can ruin a career and wreck a business. Individuals and companies are investigated and charged with crimes every day. Prosecutors are more aggressive than ever, utilizing a vast array of modern investigative techniques. Dealing with a criminal investigation or facing criminal charges is daunting and overwhelming.

Whether you have been called as a witness before the grand jury, are the target of an investigation, or have been formally charged with a crime, you need to act quickly to protect yourself. Every contact with a government agent is critical and every move you make must be the right one. There is no room for mistakes in this high-stakes game.

At the Law Offices of Patrick K. Hanly, Sacramento criminal defense attorney Patrick Hanly has had more than 16 years of criminal trial experience and has handled more than 60 felony jury trials. A former federal prosecutor, Mr. Hanly can assess your case, anticipate, and counter the prosecutor’s moves, and fashion a defense strategy tailored to fit your case and your needs. Contact the firm’s Sacramento law office to schedule a consultation with experienced criminal defense lawyer Patrick Hanly.

The firm handles a wide range of criminal matters in state, federal, and appeals court, particularly cases involving allegations of fraud, white collar crimes, and drug crimes, including:

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