Drug Trafficking & Importation

Sacramento Drug Trafficking Lawyer

Defense Strategies for Drug Cases

For any sophisticated, complex, or high-level drug case prosecution of the case will often depend upon the financial evidence. The prosecutor and the agents will follow the money. The people under investigation may never have handled the for which they are facing charges, but a money trail has somehow connected them to illegal activity.

High-level drug trafficking cases usually include additional charges:

Building a case on a paper trail is complex; defending such a case is also complex. It requires a dedicated defense lawyer with experience in federal court, an understanding of intricate financial matters, and an understanding of strategies the prosecution may use.

Experience Counts in Complex Cases

At the Law Offices of Patrick K. Hanly, attorney Hanly represents people facing drug trafficking, or charges for other drug or financial crimes in state, federal, or appeals court in central California.

With more than 16 years of trial experience, including more than 60 felony jury trials, Mr. Hanly is equipped to assist you with a defense strategy tailored to the individual facts of your case. A former federal prosecutor himself, Mr. Hanly can anticipate the prosecution’s strategy and choose the exact right defense for your case.

Don’t Wait to Be Charged: The government isn’t waiting. Contact the firm’s Sacramento law office to schedule a consultation if you believe you are under investigation.

Internet Drug Cases

In addition to the usual drug charges people have faced for years—cultivation, distribution, manufacturing, possession, possession with intent to sell, drug trafficking—a new kind of drug case is emerging due to increased use of the internet. Internet entrepreneurs are now being charged with trafficking and drug importation not only for controlled substances and precursor chemicals, but also selling prescription drugs illegally over the Web.

Prescription fraud, which could be charged as a financial crime as health care fraud, or as a drug trafficking charge, are typically brought at the federal level. Attorney Hanly defends people in the U.S. District Court of California from San Francisco to San Diego in the Central, Eastern, and Southern Districts.

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