Health Care Fraud

Sacramento Health Care Fraud Lawyer

Defense Strategies in Medicare, Medi-Cal or Other Health Care Fraud Cases

Investigations into health care fraud—typically but not always Medicare fraud or Medi-Cal fraud—can begin at the state or federal level. It may target an individual for making false claims, or it may target a medical professional, a clinic, or a hospital. In an institutional setting, it may be the result of a whistleblower case.

The government has tremendous resources at its disposal to prosecute healthcare fraud cases, which typically are investigated for months before charges are filed. The accused person or company has a much shorter time to mount a defense. That is one compelling reason to work specifically with a health care fraud lawyer with experience handling federal-level cases involving financial crimes.

At the Law Offices of Patrick K. Hanly, clients facing charges of health care fraud receive an aggressive and skillful defense. Whether you have come under investigation, or you have been formally charged, contact health care fraud lawyer Patrick Hanly at 916-773-2211.

Experience Counts in Complex Cases

Attorney Hanly brings more than 16 years of trial experience, including grand jury and federal court defense. This experience, combined with his understanding of prosecution strategies in complex cases, is a valuable combination for clients charged with health care crimes.

Defense for All Health Care Fraud Cases

Medical billing fraud or insurance fraud cases involve:

  • Prescription fraud, including selling prescription pads or drugs
  • Medicare or Medicaid fraud, such as creating fake patient files, falsely stating a patients condition, misrepresenting services rendered, or billing for services not rendered, up coding and unbundling
  • Fraudulent health insurance schemes
  • Fraudulent cost reports
  • Kickbacks and self-referrals
  • Illegal pharmacies
  • Structuring financial transactions in a manner that avoided taxation

Sometimes investigators go after the wrong party, holding a clinic or hospital accountable for fraud committed by an individual. Sometimes the government is pursuing a whistleblower case when there is faulty evidence. There are a number of available defenses Health care fraud trial lawyer Patrick Hanly will pursue them all.

Contact the Sacramento law office of defense attorney Patrick Hanly to discuss your case you or your company in state, federal, or California appeals court.