Tax Fraud

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Defense Strategies in Federal or State Tax Fraud or Tax Evasion Cases

Investigations into tax fraud can come from a number of sources at the federal or state level: from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), from the Tax Division of the Department of Justice, from the state Franchise Tax Board, or other sources.

At the federal level, investigations can begin months, even years before charges are brought. Some individuals or businesses that have become the target of a tax fraud investigation know they are under investigation. It is never too early to begin developing a defense strategy.

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Defense for All Tax Fraud Cases

Investigation into financial crimes, such as tax evasion or tax fraud, are much more complex to investigate and prosecute. Anywhere in the process, errors may be made that falsely implicate a person or company in wrongdoing or suggest a level of wrongdoing that exceeds any actual wrongdoing or error. There are three basic types of tax case:

Tax crimes that result from illegal activities, such as public corruption, health care fraud, telemarketing fraud, securities fraud, embezzlement or other white collar crimes. Examples of charges in this area include Medicare/Medicaid overbilling, kickbacks to politicians and public officials, ponzi schemes, and illegal gambling.

Tax crimes that result from legal activities, in which charges are often brought against businesses and professionals, including accountants, lawyers, and business executives. These charges can include income tax evasion, failure to file tax returns, misrepresentation or filing a false return, employment tax fraud, failing to forward payroll withholding tax or to withhold taxes when required, sales tax fraud, cigarette tax fraud, false claims for deductions or refunds, and fraudulent tax shelter and trust schemes.

Financial crimes related to drug trafficking, including money laundering and terrorist financing

Experience Counts in Complex Cases

Financial crimes are typically charged in federal court and present a substantial level of difficulty. There are defense strategies that can and must be brought to bear. Violations of due process, procedural abuses, illegal search warrants or other prejudicial actions taken in the investigation stage can form the basis of an effective defense.

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