White Collar Crimes

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White collar fraud cases are often extremely complicated. Government authorities have been known to spend years investigating such cases prior to filing criminal charges. Unlike defendants in other types of criminal cases, individuals being investigated for fraud crimes often know or suspect they are under investigation. Former federal prosecutor Patrick Hanly is one of the most experienced attorneys handling fraud cases, with more than 17 years experience and over 62 jury trials to his credit.

Don’t Wait to Be Charged

Prompt legal help, even before an arrest or indictment, can increase your chances of having charges dropped or achieving a the best possible plea bargain.

White collar fraud crime attorney Patrick K. Hanly handles fraud cases involving complex financial, business and health care issues. He represents individuals and companies in state and federal court that have been charged with or are under investigation for fraud crimes. He also handles appeals in federal and state courts throughout the state court.

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Experience Counts in Complex Cases

Drawing upon more than 16 years of criminal law experience, including more than 60 felony jury trials, attorney Hanly aggressively defends clients accused of all manner of white collar fraud or financial crime including, but not limited to, those listed below. As a former prosecutor, he can anticipate the prosecution’s case and mount an effective defense.

Tax Fraud involving allegations of fraud by the Internal Revenue Service or Franchise Tax Board in the failure to pay taxes or misrepresentation tax liability. Mr. Hanly also represents individuals and companies accused of tax fraud in the creation of entities or trusts to hide their income.

Health Care Fraud involving allegations of fraudulent billing for services not performed or for up coding, unbundling and other fraudulent billing allegations such as insurance fraud for health care claims.

Securities Fraud and Insider Trading, including stock option back dating market timing trades, investment schemes, brokerage fraud, telemarketing fraud, and other types of fraud committed by investment advisors, investment companies, and corporations in violation of investor’s rights.

Business Fraud and Theft , including embezzlement, accounting fraud, computer fraud, insurance fraud, corporate and shareholder fraud, and con artists defrauding consumers.

Bank Fraud, including forgery, check kiting, mortgage fraud, wire fraud, and mail fraud.

Credit Card Crimes and Identity Theft, such as opening credit accounts using stolen information or fraudulent use of a credit card.

Mortgage Fraud, involves fraudulent activity related to the obtaining of a loan to purchase a residence. It takes many forms, some of which are false statements regarding employment and/or income on loan applications, identity theft, inflated appraisals, straw purchasers and foreclosure scams. The FBI, IRS and local district attorney’s offices are aggressively pursuing mortgage fraud cases.

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