Patrick Hanly

“Our son was charged with a felony in the Sacramento area. We phone interviewed three attorneys and chose Pat. In short order, he had the bail reduced significantly, before we had even engaged him. His proactive approach was extremely helpful, and welcomed by our son, to the favorable outcome of the case. Having formerly been a Federal prosecutor, his knowledge of the court systems was also very valuable. We offer him our highest recommendation.”

– Client M.P.

“Mother, father and son were involved in a case with Patrick Hanly. From the outset we found that he was the most prompt in returning our initial inquiry call compared to three other attorneys in Sacramento that we attempted to contact. After our first meeting we discovered that we had hired a highly professional and polished attorney who had a winning attitude.

While working with Patrick we found him to be straight forward in formulating a plan for a solution while realistically accounting for possible outcomes. When our emotions escalated, Patrick was understanding, insightful, and constantly reminded us that our situation would resolve better than we imagined when we began.”

Client E.S.

“Mr. Hanly is one of the most respected attorneys and experienced criminal defense lawyers in the county, if not the state.”

E.G. a Federal Court Judge in Sacramento, California

“I have seen many, many defense lawyers and you (Mr. Hanly) are the best. You are the kind of lawyer there should be many more of. “

– O.P. a Federal Court Judge in Oregon

“The nightmare began with a call from my son saying he was being arrested for four felony offenses. The nightmare ended after hiring Mr. Hanly and the felonies were all dismissed. His efforts on son’s behalf were professional and were accomplished no matter the time of the day or night and without regard to the barriers thrown up by the prosecution. He was smart, savvy, and light on his feet. His fee was fairly arrived at and well-earned.

The second best part (the best part was dismissal of the felonies): Mr. Hanly genuinely cared about Michael’s well-being.”

Client M.S.

“We were extremely fortunate to retain Patrick Hanly to represent our family member who was charged with a felony. Our family member had no prior history with the law and the charges he faced could have ruined his life. From the moment Mr. Hanly took over our case, we knew we were being well represented by an experienced and knowledgeable professional. Mr. Hanly genuinely cared about our case and this gave us a sense of calm in the middle of a terrible storm.

Mr. Hanly worked extremely hard from day one on our case and we were able to get the best possible outcome…a case dismissal.”

– Client L.H.

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude and appreciation for the excellent legal services you have provided in this case, especially in Round 12 of the fight, you did a brilliant job.”

– Client J.L.

“His expertise and quality of representation was impressive.”

– Client M.H.